6 Diffirences

Last night I wasn’t feeling so hot, so I killed a bunch of time playing this sweet game called 6 Diffirences. It’s like that thing you’d see in Highlights, except it’s like the updated, gritty, urban version. Okay, it really didn’t take me that long, but it’s fun nonetheless with Banksy and Obey Giant references, as well as photos that look like something Todd Hido would shoot.


Typography Design!

-"Nothing is happening in typography, Absolutely nothing! I want to see new directions. I want to see crazy people, who make typography without even knowing what typography is!"

New York City's Merlin Bronques of LastNightsParty

Merlin Bronques is an American musician and photographer, known most famously for his work as a nightlife/boob photographer for lastnightsparty. His work is basically a hipster friendly, pseudo-artistic reimagining of Girls Gone Wild.

Michael Muller

I was browsing through Krops new Hosted Portfolio service when I came across the work of Michael Muller, one of the biggest commercial photographers out there. The guy has shot just about everyone under the sun, but this American Gothic tribute featuring the guys from Flight of the Conchords was my absolute favorite. There’s something so amazing about the colors and the look on their faces. Such a gem.



My Journey Home

Animal Collective Video for ‘My Girls’


Didn’t see this music video for Animal Collective’s My Girls until today, but it’s such a trip I had to post it. The video is like a weird Ren & Stimpy acid trip, with the guys (in green screen suits) playing in what looks like a marble soda filled with snot and bacteria. This slowly starts to change as they get pink mouths, the bacteria turns to Doritos and Cheezits, and eventually they turn into green, dripping swamp monsters.